“Technology: The practical application of knowledge”    (Merriam-Webster’s dictionary)

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When it is too difficult than simple, talk to us !


Technology Solutions

comprehensive, Agile, efficient

One stop shop for complete and comprehensive technology solutions.
We work with you from ta wishful thinking to production via full life cycle, including MVP at the first stages.

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IoT & gizmos

Harness the possibilities

When you want to gain a new capability, by adding a new device, you need to have it done properly. Otherwise, you compromise your privacy and the security of your operation / family.

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better than yesterday

A knowledgeable personnel is your best weapon. We conduct Technology presentations, and various additional enrichment program such as leadership, innovation and more.

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our services in details

IT Service Management
A set of tools from Helpdesk on demand, to technology inventory management, software security management, network monitoring and much more. All these tools are set to help you manage your technology ecosystem and prevent problems, where possible.
Cloud Services
The ability to grow and adjust is built in with the cloud services. We will review and analyze your current environment, to learn what should become a cloud service and feasible. Then, will guide you through the process of successfully upgrading your infrastructure to cloud base. We have no loyalty to a specific provider, and we just find what is best for your organization.
Modernization as a Service
Aside from the availability of cloud services, organizations can take advantage of other technologies. Internet of Things, Big Data, Social collaboration and workflows via web services are just a few examples. We will guide you through the process of optimizing your organization to benefit from all these and gain better disaster recovery, compliance, and many more useful enhancements.
Digital transformation & Integration
Nowadays, everything aspect of the organization can benefit from the efficiency of proper technology. We will review your current processes and procedures and will provide detailed recommendations on which technology can benefit you and how. Then, if needed, we will guide the project to successful completion.
Strategies & Planning
In the current speed of change, it is hard to plan and design your infrastructure for years ahead. Yet, the constant update is a heavy weight on your budget and draining your resources. Our experienced consultants and executives will guide you in strategic planning and share our experiences. That way, you benefit from our lessons learned while your organization nimble and ready for upcoming changes.
Solution Architecture A proper design that enables flexibility and resilience in your services to your customers has to start at the initial phases of the planning and designing. These are the first steps for proper architecture setup and crucial to the success of your product. We will incorporate current known standards, such as Agile, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Lean IT, Togaf and more, as needed. For each project, we will identify the best suitable paradigm, or parts of it, and will use the best tools for it.
Database, Dashboards & Reports
The core elements of every project are the data behind it and the insights that management can acquire as input for next stages. A robust and flexible database is a must and without if projects can fail or become extremely expensive.
Insights, aka Dashboards & Reports, are a valued output that without it management is trying to see in the dark. Probably, not the optimal method to steer a ship. We will design the database and the insights from the beginning and adjust along the way, as more requirements are introduced to the system.
Internet of Things
The new and exciting world of possibilities is at the tip of our reach (touch, sound or even vision).
However, what is promised is not always as simple or secured as it may sound.
We will educate you about the benefits and risks of this new technology horizon and install it at your location(s) to realize its functionality.


 We are installing these devices at your business, or home, and configuring the network to support these devices while maintaining your safety.

This new functionality, of the IoT devices and gizmos, is priceless as it helps to control your business/home remotely and discover a newfound knowledge of usage and practices that affect your life and revenue.
we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to configure your network to not only enable the integration of these devices but also to maintain your privacy and keep the safety of your family and employees.


 SCRUM, PRINCE, PMP, and others, are all good tasks and projects management tools. But, the most important parts of project management are flexibility, resilience, and persistence to keep the plans on track and not be phased by obstacles.

We will utilize any aspect of any available paradigm to progress your projects and get all stakeholders engaged.


Ideas are essential to the growth of the business and can provide an important gain over the competition.
However, from the idea phase to the fully functioning product, there are steps to take. MVP, Minimum Viable Product, is the first step and most cost effective one to learn if the idea worth investing in.The MVP is the best tool you have to fail, fail fast and least expensive, to learn how to best invest in producing this idea. It is better to know as soon as possible what is correct instead of after months/years of development, to only then learn that it was all a waste.
We will work with you to set this MVP and how to learn from testing with it what works and what not.


Creativity and innovation are the roots of success, both in life and in business.

We provide a comprehensive set of workshops and training sessions on how to initiate ideas, brainstorming is one famous example of it, analyze and focus on the best few, and create steps to bring it to life.
These workshops are serious and fun at the same time and are attuned to the participant’s input.
In office training or via web conference sessions. We are happy to comply with your schedule and preferred method.

Training sessions are customized to the client specific needs and focus on the Microsoft office suite; How to use it to the best, functions, tricks and shortcuts. To keep these sessions entertaining and engaging, we combine our whimsical skills. Then, the participants complete these long sessions with a sense of an accomplishment and a new practical knowledge.
Tech-Know-Logy is a set of presentations that provide a deep information about everything that is technology, with a fascinating look at the history, the present and a glimpse to future aspects.

Tec’-Junc’ is a set of presentations about how technology is the junction of so many aspects of our lives and how its usages affecting us; the good, the bad and the ugly.
Please note that all our training and presentations are constantly being updated, keeping current with new information, threats and updates, and ideas.
Our set of coaching sessions are built for individual executives or multiple participants at once.

In these sessions, we teach how to be a more leader-style executive, how a manager can gain the subordinates trust and desire to follow him/her. And, to how to provide a persuasive presentation and win new fans and customers.
Success, the Formula (c) is a set of workshops and training that provide a comprehensive set of tools to help the organization thrive and be a desirable workplace.

Together with the decision makers, or organizational assigned team, we build a custom set of experiences that integrates best practices and experiences to create an adaptive culture that is effective, efficient and exact.
Processes become nimble and internal generated ideas become the powerful elements to thrive.