Utilizing technology effectively, making it responsive, and above all making it efficient and safe is not a simple task. Our experts assist in any aspect of your business to effectively incorporate technology in your organization, integrate with your business processes, and keep it nimble.

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Internet of Things & Gizmos

IoT brings excitement and functionality like never before, benefiting you in everyday life at work, home and leisure.
All these enhancements, have unique security and safety challenges. We educate, install and support this new technology ecosystem.

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Providing customized training sessions at your location and custom personal coaching on presentation & rhetoric. Our engaging creativity workshops, innovation seminars, and ideas management training are the tool for organizational growth.

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News & Publications

An Article: A S.I.M.P.L.E Tool to Analyse Value

An Article:
A S.I.M.P.L.E Tool to Analyse Value

An Article: Haas Diagram - Enhancing Systems Analysis and Requirement Gathering

An Article:
Haas Diagram – Enhancing Systems Analysis and Requirement Gathering

An Article: HaaS Diagram - Added Value in a Meeting.

An Article:
HaaS Diagram – Added Value in a Meeting.

Our Principles and Pillars of Service
to guide our work

Listening First
Of all the possible solutions in the world, only those who answer your requirements and help you thrive are the best ones. We pride ourselves on finding just the solution with no affiliation or inclination to one technology or another.

Efficient Improvement
Constant and consistent improvement is essential. However, it has to be done with a proper economic approach that supports the business and does not drain its resources. We are working with you, the project owner or business leader, to build a solution within the set budget and find how to make it sustainable for the long run.

Responsive Simplicity
To make our solution effective and long lasting we work with the defined stakeholders to identify their processes and design the simplest solution to answer the requirements and resolve their pain. Incorporating with the Efficient Improvement principle, we create cycles of design-improvement-test to fine tune and maximize simplicity.

Appropriate Humor and Fun
Creating a pleasant environment in the offices and with our clients is important and beneficial to all. When appropriate and if possible, we spice things up with sprinkles of humor and nuances of whimsical tones.

Respectful Inclusiveness
This core principle is visible in every aspect of our work. Treating each person (employee, customer, guest, etc.) in respectful manners is utmost importance in our approach. Adding to that is the constant invitation to hear and listen to others is one of our strength.

Cultivating Engagement
Training is boring! We know. An engaging training and a cultivating environment that support enrichment is fascinating and attracts the best people. We know, and we implement. Our training style is an essential tool in our culture of innovation and creativity.

Our Story

Eglaf Solutions was created to answer the important need of creating functional solutions that add value to an organization without additional waste. As its name, Eglaf, suggests, technology has a significant contribution and important meaning only when used correctly and within context. Otherwise, it has no meaning but with additional expenses.

All our services are built around the 3 concepts of Efficiency (doing promptly and keeping it nimble), Effectiveness (Anything is to better your organization), and Exact (Doing just what is needed, without the fluff but with an eye to scalability). These concepts complement each other and provide a complete menu of skills for your organization to utilize. Moreover, as we identify gaps, as we have in the past, within current standards and/orcurrent widely used practices we alert and adjust to create a new set of tools to address concerns and new requirements.

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